About me

Hello and welcome to my new website!IMG_2078

Let me tell you something about myself.

I was born in Prague, but already as a small boy I lived on the farm. Most of the time I spent on the fields and that’s the moment, where I found my passion for agriculture and agricultural machines. This passion was combined with photography and graphics and I tried to improve in many ways. I have successfully completed many courses, lessons from certified companies, such as. Adobe, IDIF, Megapixel.

I started to cooperate with first producer of agricultural machines in 2008. I am the founder of a successful project Photo Agricultural, who gained a lot of fans across Europe. The big step forward was in year 2012, when was established cooperation with advertising agency Conquest Werbeagentur GmbH from Austria. We are working together on many different photo and graphic projects and, also I’m still trying to develop my skills and share my experiences with others. I cooperate with many freelance photographers, just to achieve the best possible results from every new project. Feel free to contact me on any of my sites if you have any interest in my work.

You can find some of my works on many different social platforms, like Facebook or 500px and of course, don’t forget on my website gallery.